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The well-done and really useful NextGen Gallery plugin has a lack of functionalities when you need to filter the images. The default cloud tag feature isn’t really useful in certain situations. For example:

  • if you need to have only the tags of a certain gallery, you can’t: you’ll also have all the tags from other galleries!
  • if you need to filter the images by tag in the same page where the gallery is in, using the tag cloud with shortcodes like this: [ tagcloud ] and [ nggallery id=X ], you can’t: you’ll have the filtered images and also the original full-gallery shown under the filtered ones and you’ll also loose the possibility to filter by other tags.

This “NextGen Gallery Powertags” is created to simplify the image filtering, providing a simple way to filter the gallery images with their own tags.


This plugin will work only with NGG < 2.0


NextGen Gallery Powertags @


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