Faculty of Architecture (Cagliari)

Year: 2011
Tools: Wordpress
With: Corrado Cocco, Alessandro Muggianu

The site presents a standard layout in two columns, with sidebar to the left. Only the home page layout has three columns: the third column contains a news in the foreground and the latest 8 news; the center is the logo of the faculty or alternatively the poster of an event organized by the faculty itself.

This is a “remake” of the previous Architecture’s website: same graphics but different CMS. In fact, it was based on the old version of Drupal 4 and therefore, for a reason of obsolescence and to be integrated with the WordPress multisite of http://people.unica.it/, they have been asked the porting to WordPress.

Apart from the normal static pages, dynamic ones (such as those of the academic program) are made through the WordPress plugin called Pods CMS (http://podsframework.org/) that allows the definition of content types and custom fields, features not found on the WordPress platform as basic feature.

We have integrated, also, the opensource library TCPDF (http://www.tcpdf.org/) with the Pods plugin, so that dynamically generated pages from this plugin could be downloaded as a PDF document.