E-Pistemetec project

Year: 2010
Tools: Drupal 6, Fedora Repository, Amazon AWS, Eucalyptus
With: Consorzio Cybersar / Luca Secchi, Gian Mario Mereu, Dunia Basciu

E-pistemetec was a project funded by the cross-border cooperation between Italy and France; the aim was to enhance the scientific, technical and natural area in the middle and upper Tyrrhenian Sea through the creation of a Digital Library.

The project partners was the provinces of Cagliari and Carbonia-Iglesias, the cities of Lucca, Genova and Bastia and the Cybersar Consortium. The latter – I’ve worked with – was involved in the developing and in the integration the systems necessary for the implementation of the digital library.

In this project, which lasted for me almost two years, I had the opportunity to work and grow up in several areas:

  • Setup and management of an infrastructure of virtual servers on Amazon AWS
  • Initial Setup of the cloud based on Eucalyptus and hosted on the servers of Cybersar
  • Organization of the software layer based on Drupal 6 and Fedora Repository [1]
  • Extension of the Islandora module [2] to allow the support of MAG, the italian digital objects cataloging standard for the public administration [3]
  • Implementation of a Drupal module for the synchronization between the objects in the digital repository and the Drupal nodes

The project was presented at Drupal Camp held in Verona in 2011.


[1] http://fedora-commons.org

[2] http://islandora.ca

[3] http://www.iccu.sbn.it