Extending Drupal Search on other User fields

The default Drupal “search by user” is performed by the hook search_execute implemented by the user module (here is the full code), which searches on the “name” field (if you can administer users it searches also on the email). But what about searching on other fields? As a user is an entity on Drupal 7, it can be extended with […]

Drupal Faceted Search with Accordion Menu

Have you set up a cool faceted search and you want to use an accordion menu to offer a better visualization behaviour? To accomplish this task there are different ways, but the ones which works for me out of the box are these: Standard accordion behaviour Multi-opened Accordion (thanks to supersuphot for the multi-accordion version – see this stackoverflow question). […]

Drupal: the good Omega, the bad and the ugly IE8

It was January 2002 when the “king of all browsers” had the largest market share: 86%. After 10 years, the dictatorship is permanently collapsed, with only 16% of utilization. Considering that only 7-8% have IE8 (IE9 works pretty good) we are talking of a very small percentage of users, but this percentage is even more than the usage of Safari and Opera togheter; […]