Hi, my name is Mauro and I’m a freelance IT consultant and web developer, mainly focused to the development of solutions for Drupal and Wordpress. Welcome to my website!



Web Development

Promote yourself on the web with a latest-generation dynamic website or breathe new life into your old site!With Wordpress and Drupal you will be in good hands.


I create new features for Drupal and Wordpress, to come in against your needs.

Graphics/UX Design

Your site is first of all an experience: make it better, designing the website for the needs of your users, with custom graphics.

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Extending Drupal Search on other User fields

The default Drupal “search by user” is performed by the hook search_execute implemented by the user module (here is the full code), which searches on the “name” field (if you can administer users it searches also on the email). But […]