Database backup on Amazon S3

I’ve forked a cool gist code, made by klangley here, to allow a more reasonable number of database backups using the Amazon S3 storage webservice. My forked version is available here: and allows a rotating daily backup and a rotating weekly backup: in this way you’ll have 4-5 weekly backups (one for each week of the month) and 6 daily backups (one for […]

Move MySQL data directory

These are the steps to move the MySQL data directory to another folder: -(del) datadir = /var/lib/mysql +(add) datadir = /new_path/mysql -(del) /var/lib/mysql/ r, +(add) /new_path/mysql/ r, -(del) /var/lib/mysql/** rwk, +(add) /new_path/mysql/** rwk, Naturally, “don’t try this at home, kids!” ;)