Drupal Faceted Search with Accordion Menu

Have you set up a cool faceted search and you want to use an accordion menu to offer a better visualization behaviour? To accomplish this task there are different ways, but the ones which works for me out of the box are these: Standard accordion behaviour Multi-opened Accordion (thanks to supersuphot for the multi-accordion version – see this stackoverflow question). […]

Drupal: the good Omega, the bad and the ugly IE8

It was January 2002 when the “king of all browsers” had the largest market share: 86%. After 10 years, the dictatorship is permanently collapsed, with only 16% of utilization. Considering that only 7-8% have IE8 (IE9 works pretty good) we are talking of a very small percentage of users, but this percentage is even more than the usage of Safari and Opera togheter; […]